CAP Exec Meeting
Date: Sept 22/2022
Time: 16:00
Attendees: Ian, Katie, Nadia

Meeting start: 16:04

16:11 Recruitment
– OJT route will be closing in December. CCCPA will be busy, depending on us. Would generally like to see more engagement/involvement from PA members
o Have had our own struggles in this area
o Suggestion requirement at some point during membership to serve on a committee
for certification?
 Reservations. Specifically that CCCPA has been trying to align with ASCP as
much as possible. Goal to have one certification route/equal weight
o Student committee good way to get people involved/onto committees
 Targeting people already engaged to serve on committees
 Students still in the mindset of wanting to participate in these areas

– Email program directors and spread word through them
o Follow up*

16:23 Projects
– CAP-ACP in person 2023 summer
o Ian had sent email to Meredith and Heather about meeting details. Was told there is
usually “PA content” at meetings

– Question of online component for those unable to make the meeting in person
o Follow up*
– In lieu of in person CAP suggest possible separate in person for PAs, divorced for CAP
o Thoughts:
 Would need to ensure there are enough people interested in attending
 Content
 Location (UHN vs somewhere else)
o Plan:
 If CAP doesn’t respond by end of Jan, we look for a new location. If don’t have a location by March, we approach UHN and ask to do there.

16:36 Virtual Shadowing Program

– Proposed by Ian
– Help with outreach for prospective PA students
o Few shadowing opportunities. Difficult to find hospital contacts/sort logistics
o Create a standardized, affordable method of shadowing
o Reach out to current undergrad students/career fairs:
 U of T Scarborough Career Fair (would need funds for $350 registration and
booth materials):

o Rolls into advocacy/community engagement
o Live vs recorded
 Privacy/liability. Suggest mix
o Current PA students provide their experiences with the programs. Veteran PAs talk
about doing the job 10/20 years later.
o Ideal look – on the given weekend the student would be given training modules that are pre-recorded intermixed with live sessions, with a quiz at the end
 Debate over necessity of a quiz. Argument it provides a certificate of
shadowing vs informative session

o Risk of virtual learning becoming obsolete as covid calms down, more placements become available.
 Virtual shouldn’t replace hands on
 Targets undergrads earlier
 Good project for student committee
 No strict time line to finish

16:52 Base camp/public posting on website
– Would like to have a standardized place to put meeting minutes/anything else instead of Katie’s computer/in emails sent to other execs
– Bylaws – would like to have access/posted
o Have asked for these from Meredith/Heather. Have not received back.
o Possibility of re-imagining some by-laws

16:55 Next step
– Meet with student committee to talk about upcoming projects

16:57 Question of finances. Where do the finances come from/what are we allowed to do with them?
– Follow up*

Key dates:
Sept 28 11am – 3pm – U of T Scarborough Graduate + Professional Schools Fair (Highland Hall Event
Oct 26 – CCCPA meeting
Jan 13-15 – CAP directors meeting
Jan 21 – UHN Surg Path Education Day
Feb 28 – U of C applications due
Mar 6 – U of T applications due
Mar 15 – Western applications due
Mar 31 – University of Manitoba applications due