Canadian PA Organizations

There are two main PA organizations in Canada. In brief, the Canadian Association of Pathologists PA Section (CAP-ACP PA Section) is the national PA education and advocacy group. The Canadian Certification Council of Pathologists Assistants – Conseil canadien de la certification des assistants en pathologie (CCCPA-CCCAP) is the national PA certification body.

For more information, the official description for each organization is below.

CAP-ACP PA Section

The Pathologists’ Assistant Section of the Canadian Association of Pathologists-Association canadienne des pathologistes (PA Section of the CAP-ACP) is the national Pathologists’ Assistant professional organization in Canada. The section is within the umbrella of the Canadian Association of Pathologists and the chair of the PA Section sits on, and participates in, the CAP-ACP Executive Committee.

The PA Section of the CAP-ACP is committed to advocating for its membership on a national and international level. The PA Section of the CAP-ACP is also responsible for organizing continuing education opportunities for Pathologists’ Assistants which can be used for maintenance of certification with PA certifying bodies.

The Canadian Certification Council of Pathologists’ Assistants- Conseil canadien de la certification des assistants en pathologie (CCCPA-CCCAP) is a certifying body for Pathologists’ Assistants in Canada. A certification body develops criteria against which an individual needs to demonstrate competencies and ensures that these criteria are held by applicants before certifying them. Those currently eligible (2020) for CCCPA-CCCAP PA certification include: graduates from NAACLS-accredited Master’s PA Programs, graduates from Master’s PA Programs without NAACLS accreditation, pathologist International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and On-The-Job (OJT) trained Pathologists’ Assistants. 

However, routes of CCCPA-CCCAP certification for graduates from programs without NAACLS accreditation, IMGs, and OJT applicants are set to expire on Dec 31, 2024. The CCCPA-CCCAP oversees the administration of a certification exam for prospective members and a competency maintenance program for certified members.  The CCCPA-CCCAP conforms to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17024 General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certifications of Persons.